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If you are a consumer and have received a phone call or letter from Centron Services, Inc. DBA: Credit Systems, have an item placed by us on your credit report, or if you have been advised by a provider of service to contact our office, you may reach us using one of the following methods – please see important information below before contacting our office:


EMAIL:  (in addition to the Important Information below, please note that email contact with our office is potentially unsecured and should not be used to communicate Personal Health Information or other sensitive personal information including payment information.   By contacting us via email you imply your consent for us to contact you and provide any requested information via the email address provided, understanding it may be unsecured and you assume all responsible for such email exchange with no liability or implied protection of said information by our office; please note: many companies have a policy that emails can be read by other personnel. While every effort is made to protect confidentiality, we do not recommend using an employer-provided or shared email address.)


Toll free: 800-223-8112
Local: 406-442-3728
FAX:  406-442-8067

Credit Systems
PO Box 875
Helena MT 59624

Important Information:
By completing and submitting information via this website, you authorize Centron Services, Inc. DBA: Credit Systems. or its authorized agents to process your payment and you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Credit Card Payments will be processed by Centron Services, Inc. DBA: Credit Systems or the name of the client and may appear on your billing statement as such. Unless you specify otherwise, we may apply any payment received by office to any or all accounts for which you are responsible and/or we may divide the payment among multiple accounts at our discretion.

By providing telephone numbers or email addresses you authorize us, our clients, agents, and contractors to use any or all information, including cellular telephone numbers, for the purpose of contacting you regarding this and any subsequent debts placed by any client. This may include contact via automated dialing and messaging equipment; text messages, leaving of messages on answering machine, voice mail or similar devices and messages with individuals; this also includes authorization for contact via email (please note: many companies have a policy that emails can be read by other personnel, while every effort is made to protect confidentiality, we do not recommend using an employer-provided or shared email address).

Any payment authorization returned by your financial institution for any reason is subject to collection via any method permitted by banking regulation and applicable laws including presenting to your financial institution for on-demand payment. In addition to the original amount, you authorize us to collect, up to the maximum allowed by state law, a service charge and/or processing fee for the returned item via any permitted method including a credit card or checking account on-file. These authorizations and agreements apply to this account and any additional accounts currently being handled by our office or any accounts received in the future regardless of the client or type of service and shall remain in effect until written notice is received at the address below by you to revoke any or all authorizations; revocations must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the draft date to be effective for that draft, otherwise it will be effective following the scheduled draft. An email address or cell phone number is not required to process your transaction.

For additional options for payment, please contact our office at 1-800-223-8112 or P.O. Box 875 Helena, MT 59624